Client Testimonials

It is my privilege to recommend Mr. Douglas Cohn as a family attorney. He is an excellent lawyer who has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and he utilizes many outstanding unique and very creative trial strategies. I highly recommend Mr. Douglas Cohn as a family lawyer to anyone searching for great representation, I feel very good about my case and result.


Mr. Cohn handled my extremely difficult divorce which involved a highly contentious, and heated custody battle and property issues. He managed to help craft the best agreement possible which allowed for flexibility and took my young child's age and needs into consideration, meeting everyone's needs to the best possible outcome. He was able to see past all of the emotional baggage that both parties brought into the court proceedings and got to the heart of the matter with extreme efficiency and compassion. He was kind, considerate, respectful, caring, compassionate, and no-nonsense throughout the entire process.

While my divorce is now final I understand that as my child's needs change that custody may need to change as well to meet my child's needs. I do know that if there is a need to future legal representation I will get through this with Attorney Cohn's guidance and advice.


Doug handled my post-judgement property and alimony case not only with the highest professionalism, but also with sensitivity and care. While other lawyers and even court personnel told me that my case was "very difficult" and a long shot to prevail, Doug persisted and worked out a favorable settlement which allowed me to not only stay in my residence, but allowed me to regain my self esteem and move forward with my life. He gave me a voice and without his help I could not have gone through such a difficult process.


I am very fortunate to have been given Mr. Cohn's name with respect to my divorce & custody matters. Mr. Cohn handled my divorce proceedings, with professionalism and sensitivity. Attorney Cohn was knowledgeable and thorough. He had the persistence to not only deal with the divorce, but the numerous, post -judgment matters, where I eventually gained custody of my children. His continued support, guidance and understanding throughout this ordeal, helped both myself and my two young daughters immensely. Additionally, I felt extremely comfortable with Mr. Cohn on not only a professional level but a personal one as well.


Dear Doug: Thank you for processing my divorce so efficiently and professionally. You were attentive and quick to respond to all issues and knew what was needed to help. Thank you again!


After going through other attorneys I found Attorney Cohn to be caring and professional. He gave me the strength to make it through a tough period in my life. He handled both custody and financial issues and always had my best interest in mind.


Doug helped guide me through a very complicated custody battle against one of the big family law firms with both honesty and knowledge, and did it with the utmost efficiency and organization. My custody fight was much longer than I had anticipated but Doug explained each step of the process to me and allowed me to present the type of case that both fit my personality, my parenting style and my income. After a lot of trial preparation as well as a long trial, I felt good about the representation that was provided and Doug's emotional support throughout the process. It's clear that Doug's vast experience in, and knowledge of, the Family Court System, is one of the factors that makes him such an effective advocate and helped him win my case. I could not have gotten through it without him.