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Using Mediation As A Tool For


You do not have to go to court to come up with a divorce settlement agreement that protects your rights and works for your family. By working with an experienced mediator, you can save time and money while reducing the emotional toll of the divorce process.

At the offices of Douglas Cohn Attorney at Law, we provide mediation services to families in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our Bethesda mediation attorney has served families in a wide range of capacities over the past 20 years, including as a family law judge. He understands how the courts handle these cases and he can help you come up with a solution tailored to your needs without the stress, time and expense of a trial.

Working For Lasting Agreements In Mediation Is Our Specialty
Every family faces unique challenges during the divorce process. And while some people may need aggressive representation to protect their rights, most people benefit from a process where they can talk openly about their concerns and work with a mediator who will keep them focused on their long-term goals.

Attorney Douglas Cohn is one of the co-mediators at A Smarter Divorce in Bethesda. He understands that your divorce is more than just a legal separation. It has financial and emotional components that will impact you, your spouse and your children. Serving as your mediator, attorney Cohn will guide you through a team approach that includes financial and child development specialists.

In addition to the mediator in your divorce, both parties may retain the representation of a lawyer. Attorney Cohn can serve you in either capacity, but not both.

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If you would like to resolve your divorce through an alternative dispute resolution method, it is time to consider mediation. From our offices in Bethesda, we can offer you with the mediation services you are looking for. Contact us online or call us at 301-968-6840 today to learn more.

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