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Knowledgeable Montgomery, MD Divorce Lawyer Can Help You with Your Divorce

The best family law attorneys already understand how difficult the process is on clients. After more than 30 years of helping families transition from marriage to divorce, Douglas knows there are things he can do to make divorce easier on his clients.

His goal is to make the divorce process as easy as possible on you and your family.

Experienced Montgomery, MD Divorce Lawyer Offers Solutions When You Need Them the Most

Douglas Cohn can help you with your Montgomery, MD divorce. He offers objective views when it comes to negotiating a settlement or protecting your rights in court. He focuses on the details of your divorce and when needed, fights for what you deserve. This allows you to focus on moving forward and getting on with your “new normal.”

Douglas is able to handle every aspect of your divorce agreement, including:

To obtain a no-fault divorce in Maryland or Washington, D.C., you must first go through a legal separation period. Douglas is able to explain the difference between an at-fault and a no-fault divorce, and help you decide what is best for your family moving forward.

When appropriate, Douglas can help you with collaborative law and mediation services for your divorce. In many cases, these options provide a better path to divorce and allow your family to reach amicable solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether your divorce is resolved inside of or out of the courtroom, Douglas can provide sound advice with a commitment to honesty and integrity. He is willing to provide honest answers and make sure you understand the process that is ahead for you and your family.

Contact an Experienced Montgomery, MD Divorce Lawyer for Help with Your Divorce

Douglas has been practicing family law since 1985. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1980 and Vermont Law School in 1984. After practicing in Massachusetts for one year, he relocated to Montpelier, Vermont, and then finally returned to Maryland where he eventually opened his own practice.

Douglas is involved in many community activities; has been involved with various charitable organizations. He considers the work that he has done in the community outside of the firm just as important as what he has done with clients.

His philosophy is simple: Douglas wants to help his clients get their emotional and financial needs met, whether it is through mediation, collaborative law, or a traditional court process. He works closely with clients to determine the best process to move forward and reach an agreement concerning minor children, financial issues, or both.

While other family law attorneys tire of working with people at their worst, Douglas believes it is possible to get clients to a place where they can get a good outcome in an efficient manner. If a client reaches the end of the divorce process and believes the outcome to be beneficial to all members of the family, he is satisfied.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Douglas, contact him at 301.986.8877.

Montgomery, MD Divorce Lawyer

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