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Online Divorce Mediation



The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has turned much of the world’s system on its head. Businesses, civil organizations, nothing runs the way it used to anymore and as a result, more people are turning to technology as a solution.

Mediation has also changed due to the realities of the COVID-19 outbreak. With the necessity of social distancing and government measures to stem the spread, physical meetings, including mediation sessions, have become all but impossible.

This has had the effect of putting our lives on hold. If you are like most of our clients, you have probably been considering a divorce for at least a year. Now that you have gotten up the courage to start the process, will the new situation mean things must stay the same for even longer?

Thankfully, No. Through online divorce mediation, you can access dispute resolution services right from your home. You should not be forced to keep postponing such an important decision as divorce, especially due to the situation. Online divorce mediation can allow you put all the issues out there and get a resolution right now.

What would the process entail and how will it benefit you compared to traditional mediation? This article discusses what you need to know.

What is online mediation and how can I benefit from it?

The mediation process is one in which disputing parties air their grievances and attempt to settle through making concessions. The process is overseen by a neutral third party (mediator), who guides the disputing parties in how they relate their grievances. The mediator also helps each party clarify their statements and in some cases, helps the parties pass their messages across.

Online mediation is an alternative to conventional in-person mediation. It majorly requires the use of web-based teleconferencing. You can be in your sitting room or study or wherever works for you and get your divorce mediation going. The benefits of online mediation are many:

  • You can actively take part in the process regardless of where you, your lawyer, your ex-spouse and the mediator are located. You do not need to see each other physically.
  • You get all the services you would normally get from conventional in-person mediation without having to leave your home. This includes joint sessions, private conversations between you and your lawyer, private sessions with the mediator and effective document sharing.
  • The process is efficient and it lowers costs as it eliminates the need for travel for any of the parties in the mediation process. This includes the cost of travel and boarding for the mediator.
  • Having the mediation process online provides a more focused environment by establishing tighter deadlines for settlement. This improves the overall effectiveness of the process.
  • With online mediation, you can be more candid in your interactions. You do not need to sit in the same room as your ex and suffer feelings of antagonism from his or her body language. The non-verbal cues you would normally pick up from him or her that set your teeth on edge are absent – as you both are not in the same room.
We can help with your online divorce mediation

Douglas Cohn Attorney at Law has been practicing family law since 1985 and is well-versed in the intricacies of family disputes. His considerable experience includes time spent working as a family court judge in Vermont. During this time, he worked on both sides of the bench and has amassed knowledge that will prove beneficial to you and your family.

With a combination of excellent service and a genuine concern for your situation, Doug does all he can to give you the best results. To schedule a consultation, call 301-986-8877 today or reach out to via A Smarter Divorce Mediation Services at ASMARTERDIVORCE.COM.  DOUGLAS COHN AND JOAN WEISS have been co-mediators for 15 years and have resolved many divorce issues.  Their experience can help clients save time, money, but more importantly, the anxiety that comes with litigation for both the parties and their children.

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