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Client Testimonials

Sarah B.

Attorney Cohn handled my legal matter with compassion and thoughtfulness in a difficult situation. I would recommend him highly for your family matter.

John M.

Outstanding family law attorney….Would not hesitate recommending him to anyone!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie B.

Attorney Douglas Cohn handled my case with care, compassion, patience and diligence. He was very knowledgeable in every aspect of my case. I would recommend him for all family matters to all.

Nadezhda G.

Knowledgable, professional , calm and collect. Expert in what he does. Greatly appreciate Mr. Cohn’s assistance multiple times when I most needed it. Highly recommend him!

Paris C.

Mr Cohn is an excellent lawyer full of wealth of knowledge about the law. I highly recommend him because he is personable, has integrity and kept me informed during the process of working my case. He is very capable and committed to my case. I’m beyond satisfied with Mr Cohn, if you are looking for an excellent lawyer that will defend you without question and hold those accountable that are not well, Mr Cohn is your person. I cannot praise this person enough

Teddy C.

I was in need of an attorney for a custody case. I was referred Mr. Cohn by another attorney. I can’t stress enough how well he handled my case. I was fighting an ex who made it extremely difficult to be involved in my daughter’s life. Mr. Cohn fought hard for shared custody, and in the end, won me shared custody.

Jordan S.

Doug helped guide me through a very complicated custody battle against one of the big family law firms with both honesty and knowledge, and did it with the utmost efficiency and organization. I found myself in a situation where my x-partner unfortunately wasn’t willing to share 50-50 custody, as I had been suggesting to her for years, that we should do. Despite how many times I asked her to mediate with me and avoid court, and quickly try and put our focus and energy back on our children, she simply wanted to again and again drive toward litigation. Douglas was beyond crucial in knowing how to respond to this kind of unfortunate predicament.

The custody struggle was much longer than I had anticipated, but Doug explained each step of the process to me and allowed me to present the type of case that both fit my personality, my parenting style and my income. I wanted to both thoughtfully and firmly defend my rights as a parent, while making sure that during our year long trial, we always respected my spouse, never ‘played dirty’ as she always did, and most importantly didn’t do anything which could ever adversely effect our children.

Allan R.

Mr. Cohn represented me in my divorce. I interviewed several attorneys before settling on Mr. Cohn for representation. My X was an attorney and I needed to make sure I had an attorney who had the juice to go against a successful attorney.

I found him to be extremely intelligent, very knowledgeable and had integrity. My experience with some attorneys has been they try to string things out so they can make more money in billing. I never had that feeling with Mr. Cohn. I am confident he was reasonable in his approach and fees. I think his experience as a judge gave him a rounded view of the art of the possible to come to an agreement. He did not always tell me what I wanted to hear but in the end, he was correct. Thanks to Mr. Cohn we settled before spending a fortune in court. If you are looking for an attorney who is highly skilled at negotiating a settlement before going to court he is an excellent choice.

Nadia G.

Once again, sharing my Five stars to express my gratitude for the hard work and assistance Mr. Cohn had been providing to me for the past 5 years. Highly Knowledgeable and very efficient, yet patient and sensitive to the matters of his clients. Nothing , but positive outcomes with any issues Mr. Cohn had to assist us with.

Kelvin R.

Doug is a great attorney. He guided me through a contested divorce and was there for me from DAY 1. He was an excellent advocate for me and knew the process and how to navigate the pitfalls. He knows how to focus on the important issues and protects your interests in a process that will surely become emotional. I highly recommend him to anyone who has a family matter!

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