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How to Provide Compelling Testimony During a Child Custody Hearing in Maryland



If you have a pending child custody case, you may be wondering about what you should say in court. One of the most effective ways to ensure you provide compelling testimony during your case is to hire an experienced child custody lawyer in Maryland who can help you prepare for your hearing and discuss the most important things you should convey to the court, including:

Best Interest of the Child Standard

Child custody laws in Maryland require that state courts consider what is in the best interest of the child when making decisions regarding physical or legal child custody. The courts in Maryland will consider the following relevant factors when making such decisions:

  • The fitness of each parent
  • The character and reputation of each parent
  • The current agreements between the parents and their willingness to continue them
  • The child’s preferences
  • Material opportunities that may impact the child’s future
  • The age, health, and sex of the child
  • Each parent’s living situation, how far they live from each other, and opportunities for visitation
  • Whether a parent has previously abandoned the child

Knowing what the court is considering when making these decisions can help guide your testimony.

Joint Custody Considerations

During the child custody process, if you or your ex asks the court for joint custody, it will consider additional factors, such as:

  • The ability of the parents to communicate and reach decisions together regarding the children 
  • The willingness of the parents to share custody
  • The relationship between the child and each parent
  • Whether the child’s social or school life would be disrupted
  • The demands of each parent’s employment
  • The financial status of each parent
  • How the arrangement would benefit the parents

Important Elements of Testimony

When testifying about your preferred child custody arrangement, you may want to convey the following information, if true:

  • You have a consistent employment record that affords you with the ability to provide for the essential needs of your children
  • You do not have any history of criminal charges, substance abuse, mental health issues, or other concerning issues
  • You have a strong relationship with your child
  • The court can award the proposed custody arrangement without disruption the child’s education, community ties, or social life
  • The proposed child custody arrangement will not require constant relocation or far travel
  • You can provide a more stable and safer environment than the other parent

Help from a Local Attorney

If you are involved in a child custody case, you do not have to go through this process alone. An affordable child custody attorney can help use their knowledge of the law to argue your position in court. He or she can also present evidence to help substantiate your claims. For help with your case, contact Maryland child custody lawyer Douglas Cohn. Mr. Cohn is very familiar with the factors that courts will consider when making these types of decisions and will work diligently to convince the court that your proposed child custody arrangement will be in the best interest of your child.

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